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  Pandaravilai Parambarai Vaithiyam and Siva Physiotherapic Clinic is moving to 9E/1,Thilak nagar, Madurai road, South of Kidney Care Center, Near Old Bus Stand, Thirunelveli Junction effective 01-Feb-2017

We as Pandaravilai Vaithiyar have been doing a very remarkable Traditional Siddha Varma Medical Service to the society for the past 110 years crossing more than seven generations. We enlightened Tirunelveli with our service at the famous theatre Palace de wales under two-tier flyover for three generations. Our service extended to much more perfection through add-on features such as physiotherapic unit, x-ray for determining bone fractures etc. We still follow the good old natural treatment for bone fractures, ligament injuries, muscle sprains for the new born babies until the old aged people with no major surgeries. Our medicines have the powerful healing effect that they reduce the pain and improve the health of the injuries all through natural remedial treatment. However, the cost for all such treatments is bare minimum that even common people can afford to get such a wonderful treatment.

Thanks for all your continued support and having trust on us.


We always treat everyone naturally, cheaply and perfectly !!! Slow and Steady Healing but no side effects life long !!!

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